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Nobody likes to think about what will happen if they become disabled. But it’s no different than maintaining insurance for houses, cars, jewelry, or art. Finding the right plan to suit your income protection needs is our specialty. Your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income, doesn’t it make sense to insure that? If you had a money making machine that printed money each and every day, would you purchase insurance against breakage? A smart business person would, which is why working people should always have disability insurance in place.  The following table shows the earning capacity of people at different ages and wage levels:

Your Potential Earnings by Age 65

Annual Income At Age 25 At Age 35 At Age 45
$35,000 $2,359,089 $1,536,595 $894,063
$50,000 $3,370,128 $2,195,135 $1,277,233
$65,000 $4,381,166 $2,853,676 $1,660,403
$90,000 $6,066,230 $3,951,243 $2,299,019
$120,000 $8,088,306 $5,268,324 $3,065,359
$150,000 $10,110,383 $6,585,405 $3,831,699


Our hospitalization plans are very unique! Your hospital insurance plan will ensure you are paid for each and every day you are hospitalized due to injury or accident. Additionally, recovery benefits are paid when you aren’t hospitalized but are treated for fractures or have day surgery – this is unique in the industry.

Critical Illness

A must-have in insurance, critical illness insurance is new to the industry and we are experienced in providing this product. The unfortunate truth is that 48% of Canadians will get some form of cancer. This type of critical illness, along with others, can be insured so that when a critical illness arises, you can have financial peace of mind. Being financially comfortable during a time of critical illness offers the opportunity to focus on your healing journey.

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