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An all too common example of why we need to protect ourselves.

When life happens, it really happens and it’s rarely planned for.

In 2016 I was unexpectedly laid off and forced to face a new unknown. With the many ups and downs that came my way, I am thankful that I had set myself up with a rainy day fund. That fund not only protected me but also afforded me the freedom to spread my wings and go on an entrepreneurial adventure with my life, never to look back.

The unintended consequence of my preparedness? While always having been an advocate for personal financial planning and preparation. I saw an opportunity to help others become their own advocates and from there I made the choice to become an insurance and investments broker. I like good news stories and I knew I could help others put themselves in a position where that can be a reality for them too.

In a world we have little control over, my experience in 2016 is proof that being financially prepared can not only avoid possible disastrous financial outcomes but, in fact, positively change your life. Dharma Insurance and Investments is the expression of my commitment to help others move past the ‘insurance blahs’ and into meaningful, one-to-one conversations with your financial preparedness as the goal. It’s how I can help you create your own good news story, should the unexpected happen to you. By creating a sound financial plan that includes insurance, savings and investing, you can insure you are prepared for life’s unexpected curve balls.

About Diane Alexander

Diane is a Financial Advisor with a diverse background as an accountant, commercial manager, and investor. Diane is a licensed insurance provider with contracts with a multitude of providers. She is licensed in the provinces of Alberta, Northwest Territories and New Brunswick and services clients in each of these provinces. 

Diane is community minded and is a great supporter of entrepreneurs in small to medium businesses. She has previously been a founding member of YYC Women Entrepreneurs networking group in Calgary. In 2021 was featured in the Calgary chapter of KNOW Calgary Women’s magazine as an up-and-coming entrepreneur and maintains an active membership with Know Women Global. Diane is also a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta and is committed to ensuring first nations communities have access to financial education and financial planning. 

Diane came to the industry after a career in manufacturing. She started out as an accountant with a major oil and gas company, and eventually worked her way into logistics and commercial management. Diane grew up in a very small northern Alberta town and was raised in a large family by her mom. Hard work and perseverance is something Diane has accredited to her mom as a single parent, she worked hard while raising her young family. If there is something Diane wanted for her own children, it was to be able to provide a post secondary education to her two children as this was something that was not possible for her.

After working for several years as an administrative assistant, she decided to return to school so she could develop a career. Student loans and summer jobs helped Diane pay for the costs of going to school. With a strong affinity for numbers, she graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with an honors diploma in accounting. From there she completed her CPA (formerly the CMA) and began her career in oil and gas then moved to manufacturing. Diane was married just as she started back to college and now has two grown children. Her daughter has graduated from her undergraduate degree in Politics and has applied to a masters program at the University of Victoria. Her son is currently in his third year of chemistry at Dalhousie University in Halifax.  Several years after her divorce, Diane was laid off from the manufacturing industry and decided that she no longer wanted to work for someone else. She was introduced to the insurance industry in 2016 and she has never looked back. With a taste of independence and the ability to give Canadians access to financial services, she is committed to help people understand the need for insurance and offer insurance solutions for the unexpected. Since then she has added financial advisory services and investments to her portfolio and is able to provide the full spectrum of financial services to her clients.

Diane has had first hand experience of loss when she lost a brother to an accident and the loss of her home to a house fire. Both incidents happened when she was very young and had a huge impact on her life and career. She personally experienced incredible losses and understands the importance of having a plan B.  Insurance can’t save your home or your loved one, however, it can help with expenses when your heart hurts so much you can’t pull yourself out of bed. No one expects these kinds of losses, however, her motto is to be prepared because you just don’t know what cards you will be dealt in life.

As someone who has experienced big changes and devastating losses in her life, Diane is committed to guiding other people like her navigate through life’s ups and downs. She is committed to seeing entrepreneurs like her find their own financial independence for when life throws a curveball or a windfall. Either way, we all need a plan in place when faced with the unknown and she can help you execute your plan.

When she isn’t working, Diane can be found up to her elbows in the garden. She loves being creative in her gardens and especially growing her own food. As a side business, she and her partner also run a cottage rental business in the summer months in beautiful Saint Andrews by-the-sea. She loves to see families together enjoying their summer vacation and does her best to ensure they are able to create great memories together in a welcoming environment while visiting Saint Andrews.

Areas I Service:

Diane holds her personal insurance licenses in Alberta, Northwest Territories and New Brunswick. She is currently enrolled in the Professional Financial Advisor accreditation program which is the first step in completing her CPA. 

While living in Alberta, Diane started her insurance business and expanded to include investments and financial planning. Since moving on an on-line mode of doing business, Diane is able to service clients all across Canada. 

In the summer of 2022, Diane and her partner Vic will be donating their vacation rental property to the Big Brothers and Big sisters of Canada. The cottages and the entire property will be donated to the young participants to have the experience of a ‘weekend at the cottage’ filled with games and outdoor activities as well as a sleep over. They plan to make this an annual event. The property is located on the St. Croix river which is home to many species of wildlife in the water and around the property.

Your Personalized Services

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Our hospitalization plans are very unique! Your insurance plan will ensure you are paid for each and every day you are hospitalized due to injury or accident. Additionally, recovery benefits are paid when you are treated for fractures or have day surgery – this is unique in the industry



Nobody likes to think about what will happen if they become disabled. But it’s no different than maintaining insurance for houses, cars, jewelry, or art. Finding the right plan to suit your income protection needs is our specialty.

Critical Illness

A must-have in insurance, critical illness insurance is new to the industry and we are experienced in providing this product. The unfortunate truth is that 48% of Canadians will get some form of cancer. This type of critical illness, along with others can be insured so that when a critical illness arises, you can have financial peace of mind. Being financially comfortable during a time of critical illness offers the opportunity to focus on your healing journey.

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Protection for Your Loved Ones

 Life insurance is the gift you give your loved ones during times of grief. With the right policy, you are better able to ease the financial pressures of your children, spouse or extended loved ones. Some benefits may include ensuring your children’s post-secondary education is paid or alleviating the tax burdens that may arise when assets are transferred to your loved ones.

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Investment Options

Some of the benefits of investing with an insurance broker, is that your investment has guarantees; is creditor protected and avoids probate fees Guarantees offer peace of mind during times of market volatility such as those we have seen since Covid-19 pandemic,. Creditor protection provides individuals and business owners the ability to protect their investments by ensuring assets transfer directly to your beneficiaries. Protection from probate allows your beneficiaries to receive their proceeds without long waits ensuring there are no other claims against your estate.

Ask us about how you can protect your investments.

My Mission

My mission is to educate and give our clients the best possible service to ensure continued support and product knowledge. Contact Diane today to book an appointment.

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