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I created Dharma Insurance and Investments to be anything but your typical finance company. I believe there is a better way to do insurance and financial planning based on the following three common challenges I see in the industry:

  • Your Insurance and investment needs are not one-size-fits-all; they are unique to you
  • Your life happens and your life changes. Your insurance should keep up and keep aligned with your current needs
  • Your relationship with your insurance broker should be treated as the valuable asset it is – in the same fashion as any other relationship with a service professional
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Here is how I built Dharma Insurance & Investments to overcome these challenges and it is based on an approach where I live into the following values: Trust, Share, Educate & Update.

  • Trust. I will work with you to build our relationship through transparent communication; informed and up to date content; quick response times; timely action; and because life doesn’t just happen between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, I am available when you need me.
  • Share. We will work as a team to identify your concerns and goals and clarify your questions. The perfect Insurance and investment plan for you must align with your needs.
  • Educate & Update. I stay informed on products and services and as a part of my commitment to our relationship and putting your financial preparedness first, we will review your products yearly to ensure your needs are always being met.
  • Repeat. I want to earn my clients and I want my clients coming back to me for their insurance and investment needs; I will continue to live into the values liste above.
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My Story


When life happens, it really happens and it’s rarely planned for.

In 2016 I was unexpectedly laid off and forced to face a new unknown. With the many ups and downs that came my way, I am thankful that I had set myself up with a rainy day fund. That fund not only protected me but also afforded me the freedom to spread my wings and go on an entrepreneurial adventure with my life, never to look back.

The unintended consequence of my preparedness? While always having been an advocate for personal financial planning and preparation. I saw an opportunity to help others become their own advocates and from there I made the choice to become an insurance and investments broker. I like good news stories and I knew I could help others put themselves in a position where that can be a reality for them too.

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